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It has been very very crazy as of late and wanted to touch base with everyone. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We all did at the Tuscan we rounded out the weekend with Paul McKinney in house performing for all of us! 13 Cheers is in progress. Stop in grab a punch card and enjoy 13 drinks to obtain your tshirt! This week we have Guest Bartenders Josh Dunnington and Matt Dzick (the d is silent) in house on Tuesday pouring for all who care to imbibe. Our half price days are Tuesday and Wednesday this week and finally The Reckoning on Friday night! Its going to be a great week! See you all at the Tuscan Market!

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A lot has been going on. Crawfish boil was a huge success. Paul took the reins from Judd and crew and created a great night. We continue to host live music and private events. We had Whiskey Devils

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