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It is Summer!!!!

We saw our last post was "it's been a minute".. and well its been more than a minute and so much has been going on !!! We have been slammed with Friday night music.. We are booked through September and have all kinds of great artists coming in and playing for us...

Our outside is popping when its not super hot or super cold. Definitely wear layers... :)

Sounds of Summer is also in full swing. Head out to Harmony park for a Thursday or Friday musical event and do your pre or post show with us. Not going to lie, we sometimes get the artists in the store afterward...

We are still scheduling a lot of private events.. birthdays, showers , weddings etc. We love hosting your celebrations!!!

Come in and see us soon.. We want to hear about your summer happenings over a glass of wine or a beer! Have a great summer!!

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